Tech-savvy, cash-rich and adventurous aren’t phrases you would necessarily have associated with the plus 50 generation a decade ago.

But Generation BB (Baby Boomers) are defying the laws of nature and bucking every trend around, as well as popping up on every social channel imaginable. And they are not showing signs of slowing down and putting on their slippers any time soon.

Saga Magazine, once the go-to publication for those who thought they were ‘passed it’ has re-launched with a fresh new look and revitalised energy, much more suited to those who find themselves post-50 but not so ‘past it’.

Electric bike articles have taken the place of columns about electric chairs and a new tech writer is on hand to explain how to back-up a tablet and download photos to your cloud.

Bill Bailey now has a column, the comedian Jo Brand gives agony aunt style advice with her typical dry wit and Paul Lewis from Radio 4’s Moneybox writes about how to handle those tricky buy-to-lets and pension-pot conundrums.

It speaks to those who have not only have a sense of humour and have worked hard, but to those who have gained financially from low start-up mortgages and rising home values.

The rethink by Saga Magazine comes as many retailers are really starting to sit up and notice that this widely untapped ‘silver pound’ is ready and willing to spend, despite forecasters raising the issue a decade ago.

Tea dances and coffee mornings don’t cut it any more; driving footfall is about popular culture, art, music and technology and some. It’s about pushing the boundaries and no matter what your age, getting that audience to share, like, follow, retweet, interact with them.

Recent figures show that there are more people aged 65+ in the UK population than 16-24 year olds and The Institute of Customer Service said that £43 billion is attributed to the ‘silver pound’ with more than 63% consistently outspending millennial’s in many areas.

The ‘silver surfers’ (which we’re sure they’d hate to be called) are getting more and more tech savvy with 90% of those shopping online doing it on a laptop and now 70% using a tablet device to carry out their shopping online…and the figure is rising every day. It’s time for retailers to catch up, warn experts.

Saga’s approach is fresh, practical and relevant without being overrun with Little Mix and Mr Beiber. You can’t patronise generation BB. They’re on to you.

David McCorquodale, head of UK retail at KPMG said in a recent article: “So, ultimately, future retail success lies in being able to adapt to the millennial way while making this change appear only an evolution, rather than revolution, to the silver surfers.”

 We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


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