We live in an age where data can tell retailers anything about their consumers’ spending habits and online behaviour, so why is it common for a customers experience to be increasingly disjointed?

A new report from Salesforce claims that we’re currently in the midst of a retail renaissance, which means brands must focus on overall customer experience to increase market share and total sales.

In a survey of respondents across the retail sector, it was found that on average, 39 front-end systems are implemented to manage key customer engagement points across web, mobile, email marketing and social media. This gives brands unparalleled insight into purchasing behaviour and decisions like never before.

So, if brands have access to this all-important data, why are communication strategies still not aligning to focus on the end consumer and some of the world’s leading retailers not harnessing this information in a meaningful way?

Salesforce also reported that the unification of commerce initiatives are going to become more and more important in the coming years and brands must consolidate all platform’s to offer a personalised experience to each and every single customer.

Along with the increased spending power and influence of Millennials and Gen Z, brands need to connect with their end customer by focusing on their core values and emotional connections with communities, charities and of course, customers alongside increased investment in personalised targeting.

In short, retailers must stand for something their consumers can get behind, such as Lush’s Charity Pot programme and TOMS One for One campaign.

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