Pinterest – the creative, inspiration centre of the web has newly introduced autoplay videos. We’ve most probably all seen an auto ad at some point in our lives, in particularly Facebook and definitely eagle eyed social media users will have notice this more recently on Snapchat, but for those who haven’t, they can be used to advertise products, programmes and much more.

Videos are key in social media marketing; a post containing a video is likely to get 9x more engagement than a simple text post. In light of this, Pinterest has made some interesting changes to stay up there with the greats.

When you’re flicking through your feed on the platform, you’ll notice that the videos now play automatically without you needing to tap on them – clever.

Despite Pinterest telling us that is not really a social network, their cool, new video system is likely to grab the attention of users – and especially Marketers as they’re lot cheaper to use too.

It turns out you only get charged for the amount of impressions on a video rather than the views. So it’ll cost you if someone views the video for a second but it won’t if they watch the entire video.

This App relies on its capability to select the most relevant audience, which not only boosts the engagement but the cost as well!

The auto ad function is set to move to the ‘related recommendations’ and ‘search function’ too which opens up the doors for opportunities for users to see your page and posts – when they search for something, your videos will appear so this is a great way to get more engagement.

Pinterest offers really useful metrics that allow you to see demographic breakdowns, which can significantly help your posts and campaigns. You get to see how many times your video has been viewed, how much of the video people watched as well as how much of it was on screen. This is a perfect tool for businesses as it can inspire the next video you create meaning you can improve how you connect with clients/the general public.

If Pinterest might have fallen off your radar, it’s definitely something to reconsider. Paving its own path, staying different from the other platforms, it holds several benefits letting you connect with a wider audience!


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