We’ve thrown buckets of icy water over each other and challenged men to flex their muscles in the 22-Press Up Challenge. We’ve planked and pranked and now…well now, we stand still.

Rewind back to your school disco days (musical statues) and you’ll get the picture.

There is no ignoring the Mannequin Challenge which is the craze sweeping the web.

Freezing for the camera while music by Rae Sremmurd ‘Black Beatles’ plays in the background have seen thousands sharing videos using the hashtag #MannequinChallenge.

Here’s our top tips for making the perfect post for your social network. Well if it’s good enough for Honey G #justsayin:

  1. Get out your smartphone and go to the video setting. If you have access to a stabiliser, this will make everything look better, but it’s not required.
  2. Gather a big group of friends, colleagues, fellow diners (whoever) to participate in your video.
  3. It’s important to stand out so choose a theme for the challenge. Are you all in a restaurant eating tasty grub? Maybe you’re shopping and the centre is frozen in time. Or perhaps you’re mid dance at the office party?!
  4. And then stop, freeze, hold that position. Blinking is permitted.
  5. Press record and dub ‘Black Beatles’ in the background and hey presto, you’re part of the craze!



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