The Rivalry between both Instagram and Snapchat is heating up. Instagram has taken on the latest trend, which just might have been influenced by its competitor. ‘Face filters’ have landed and yes, the clue is in the name.

Instagram Vs Snapchat

After Instagram decided to embrace the ‘story’, they’ve added the new feature allowing users to add some classic face filters to their posts to make it more fun and interesting. So now, if Instagram is including all the same features as Snapchat, are we all going to just migrate to Instagram and leave Snapchat behind?

Snapchat is renowned for its filters but Instagram has stepped up to match its competitor and, if we are being totally honest they’re more accessible in certain areas than Snapchat, so the debate continues…

Where Snapchat is deemed to be an aimed more at the youth, Instagram potentially has no age limit. This is a major advantage that they can capitalize on and means that the stories and face filters are more likely to have the old and the young wanting to try them out!

How to use “Face Filters”

With a selection of eight filters to choose from, you can simply switch your camera to selfie mode, let it focus on your face and then either swipe or tap to select your favourite.

Aside from face filters, the few other features on offer are: Boomerang, rewind and hands free mode. These three different elements let you play with the way your followers will see your story.

Boomerang loops a short clip over and over, rewind is very obvious in that it plays the clip in reverse and hands free mode lets you record without having to keep your finger glued to the screen – maybe we’ll see this feature head to Snapchat in the future.

Again, quite similar to Snapchat, Insta gives you the variety of pen tools to create some artistic masterpieces to overlay on your pictures and videos, all created by the use of your finger. You also have the option to add text and your location too to let people know what you’re up to and where you are.

As Insta is backed onto Facebook, founder, Mark Zuckerberg has said that it’s, “just the beginning” for everything the App has got going on and we’re excited to see what else it has in store in the future!


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