Discovering and uncovering the entire world which surrounds us has just got a lot simpler with Instagram’s Explore page. The platform has introduced two new ways of allowing people to see what is happening close to them and easily see stories that match their interests.

How does it work?

Any user can create a story on their Instagram and then attach a location sticker to it. Stories that are happening close to a user in that location will then appear in a new story circle located at the top of the Explore section. What’s more, a user doesn’t have to be close to a story geographically to see it, you can now search for any worldwide location and a story circle for that specific place will then appear at the top of the page – how cool is that?!

The Explore function on Instagram has also announced how to use hashtags effectively on Stories. You will now be able to search and find stories quickly that convey your individual interests. When searching for a particular hashtag, for example #surftime, a story circle filled with stories featuring that hashtag will then appear at the top of the page – talk about killing two birds with one stone!

The new location and hashtag stories on Instagram give you the chance to become insta-famous (for a short while anyway). If someone adds a location sticker or hashtag to their story then it could possibly be included in a larger story; meaning anyone around the world, or more likely in close proximity for the location stories, can view your image or video **Say cheese**!

Understanding Instagram’s algorthim

The more likes, comments and overall engagement a Instagram post receives the bigger the chances of the image/video has of appearing on the Explore page.

You’ll see a snippet of information at the top of a users story showing the number of views the post received in the larger story. However, if you’d prefer to keep your stories private, there’s the option of opting out and clicking the ‘x’ on your stories viewer list.

These new features are really innovative yet utterly simple. People can now easily discover new locations in their very own city, or can now check out a place before visiting it for themselves.

Could this encourage more people to get out and about to share their memories? What do you think?


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