How to build footfall at your Retail Park

Figures this week revealed by Springboard’s footfall monitor showed that the total shopper numbers declined in February, with a “steeper drop than normal” at retail parks. The report revealed that year-on-year there was a drop of 1% in footfall – a cause for concern for retail managers, park managers and asset managers alike as it’s fallen […]

Enlivening Empty Shops

It’s the age old problem for any centre manager – a huge retailer has to call it a day and you’re left with a large unit, or a perceived gap, in your tenancies. Following the recession, the retail and leisure world started to get savvy and inventive of how to fill these units, whether it […]

A New Vision for an Ancient City

The Retail Room was born out of de Winter – which has been operating and succeeding in the beautiful North West city of Chester for 26 years. It’s been about that long that plans for the Northgate Development, which looked to reconfigure and regenerate retail in the city, have been on the table. Legal tussles, […]

How to: The Mannequin Challenge

We’ve thrown buckets of icy water over each other and challenged men to flex their muscles in the 22-Press Up Challenge. We’ve planked and pranked and now…well now, we stand still. Rewind back to your school disco days (musical statues) and you’ll get the picture. There is no ignoring the Mannequin Challenge which is the […]

Top Spending Silver Surfers

Tech-savvy, cash-rich and adventurous aren’t phrases you would necessarily have associated with the plus 50 generation a decade ago. But Generation BB (Baby Boomers) are defying the laws of nature and bucking every trend around, as well as popping up on every social channel imaginable. And they are not showing signs of slowing down and […]