theretailroom has been shortlisted for a Prolific North Award!

Our specialist Retail PR team has been shortlisted in the Small Agency of the Year category and we couldn’t be prouder. Over the past 12 months the team has been tirelessly leading the way in shopper-centric communications and their hard work is being recognised. Clients span the entire country and include Royal Crown Derby, Aqua […]

AR and VR: Merging the Online & Physical in Retail

This week, a survey of British retailers undertaken by Fujitsu found that 40% of those surveyed that had invested in new technologies had identified a correlation between new technology adoption and business growth. When it comes to new technology in retail marketing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been widely lauded and the […]

The Retail Room: Making British Brands Famous

We’re proud to represent a host of iconic British brands with inspiring and historic stories. Our specialist Retail PR team combines our extensive consumer and trade media contacts in the homes and interiors sector with our unparalleled storytelling skills. We motivate customers to read, share, visit, click and buy. Here are some recent results. If […]

Retail Point of Experience: The New Point of Sale

This week, days ahead of the start of international consumer goods fair, Ambiente 2018, the show announced a special installation called From Point of Sale to Point of Experience. Planned and designed by Munich design studio, Gruschwitz it promises to offer visitor a taste of the future of retail in the digital age. The installation […]

Explore Instagram’s New Location and Hashtag Stories

Discovering and uncovering the entire world which surrounds us has just got a lot simpler with Instagram’s Explore page. The platform has introduced two new ways of allowing people to see what is happening close to them and easily see stories that match their interests. How does it work? Any user can create a story […]

Face Filters with Instagram

The Rivalry between both Instagram and Snapchat is heating up. Instagram has taken on the latest trend, which just might have been influenced by its competitor. ‘Face filters’ have landed and yes, the clue is in the name. Instagram Vs Snapchat After Instagram decided to embrace the ‘story’, they’ve added the new feature allowing users […]

Pinterest paves its own path

Pinterest – the creative, inspiration centre of the web has newly introduced autoplay videos. We’ve most probably all seen an auto ad at some point in our lives, in particularly Facebook and definitely eagle eyed social media users will have notice this more recently on Snapchat, but for those who haven’t, they can be used […]

Has Your Shopping Centre Snapped Up Snapchat?

When Snapchat, was founded in 2011, it answered people’s desire to be creative and tell stories, quickly and effectively. It now has 10 million daily active users in the UK and 60% of its users create content every day. This equates to one billion snaps each day. Wow! Snapchat UK general manager Claire Valoti told […]

How to build footfall at your Retail Park

Figures this week revealed by Springboard’s footfall monitor showed that the total shopper numbers declined in February, with a “steeper drop than normal” at retail parks. The report revealed that year-on-year there was a drop of 1% in footfall – a cause for concern for retail managers, park managers and asset managers alike as it’s fallen […]